This story begins with one nurse-turned-financial advisor, but with your help, can end with thousands of mouths being fed and a widespread community message of resilience and positivity.

A Personal Thank You

Former nurse and SEQ local, Noel Shephard, was shocked to see our amazing frontline workers being under-appreciated and their efforts trivialised, at a time when they should be celebrated. He joined forces with an award-winning local catering business to deliver gourmet ‘thank you’ packages to the Gold Coast Hospital and seven other hospitals and clinics that form ‘Gold Coast Health.’ But what started as a personal thank you from our businesses has quickly taken on a life of its own.

A Community Thank You

It didn’t take long to realise that we’re better together and that our message needn’t stop with us.  So, here we are, inviting corporates from near and far to donate to the cause and send their personalised notes of thanks to frontline workers across the region. We’re calling on you to amplify the gratitude of our community and have partnered with Wine & Dine’m to deliver ‘at cost’ gourmet meals safely and hygienically on your behalf, to share the love!

A Vehicle To Spread Positivity

We want the wheels on the ‘Superfood for Superheroes’ delivery van in motion. With your help we can continue to feed frontline workers, all the while acting as a mobile reminder of the work being done by our selfless front line. Wine & Dine’m are donating time, effort and gourmet meals at cost, and Superannuation Advice Australia will happily continue to run logistics and community communication for the initiative on behalf of our generous donors. 100% of donations will go to meals for frontline workers.

A Message From Noel

Fighting an invisible enemy...

We’ve all seen graphic footage from around the world as hospitals resemble warzones and brave frontline workers risk their lives to fight against Covid-19. In Italy alone 66 doctors have died and 19 NHS workers have already died in the UK. We look on from the confinements of home, thankful we have enough hospital beds to manage the present circumstance, but mindful that many health workers in Australia and around the world will sadly lose their lives while protecting ours. Across Australia, amid what feels like the calm before the storm, it’s easy to forget that regardless of the severity of the virus onslaught, the number of casualties and statistics around what the future holds for Australia, our frontline workers are still at risk as they operate our last line of defence.

They're only human...

From doctors, nurses and paramedics to the dispatch team, security networks, cleaning units and police patrols that support them, day-in and day-out every link in the chain is exposed to an invisible and potentially deadly enemy. At this time we implore you not to forget that these people are just that; real people with lives away from the front line; they are friends neighbours, colleagues, parents, siblings and children, that also enjoy Netflix and a backyard BBQ. We ask you to remember that not all superheroes wear capes and wield swords, and a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way to fuelling resilience and positivity in the face of the unknown…

A thank you can go a long way...

I was a nurse for many years, as many of my friends are to this day. Having walked in their shoes I can see, regardless of the brave faces, that these people are frightened by the potential scale of the virus and the loss of life that will inevitably occur, despite their very best efforts. That’s where Superfood For Superheroes all began… having left the industry some time ago, I might not be able to throw on my scrubs and join them in battle, but what I can do is say thank you and remind our wider community that these spectacular, indispensable individuals are real people, with lives and feelings and truck-loads of resilience.

We're better together...

‘Superfood For Superheroes’ started as a small thank you to our frontline workers for the incredible sacrifice they make every day, but together we can do so much more. This isn’t about one business, it’s about anyone in a position to do so, being a positive voice for our community and actively getting involved in keeping our community spirit up. Aussies are incredible when it comes to helping each other, so we’re calling on other businesses to back our unsung heroes. We’ll be working together to collectively provide meals to healthcare workers over a sustained period of time.  Together, we can prevail from this moment in time stronger than ever.


An initiative powered by Superannuation Advice Australia‘s charitable arm, the Super Advice Australia Community Fund and proudly supported by Wine & Dine’m.