Superfood for Superheroes Initiative Feeds Hundreds of Healthcare Workers

'Superfood for Superheroes' corporate solidarity initiative launches amid COVID-19.

Thursday, 16 April

The Superfood for Superheroes initiative kicked off yesterday, delivering 645 gourmet ‘Thank You’ meals’ to ‘Gold Coast Health’ workers but is looking to distribute to anyone and everyone forming part of our frontline against COVID-19, regardless of industry or vocation.

'Superfood for Superheroes' initiative feeds hundreds of healthcare workers

Wednesday, 15 April

This morning 645 health workers from Helensvale to Palm beach were delivered gourmet 'Thank You' meals by business-community initiative 'Superfood for Superheroes' as acknowledgement for their continued efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deliveries were conducted as follows on Wednesday 15 April 2020.

Helensvale Community Health Centre – 10am

Gold Coast University Hospital – 10.45am

Southport Health Precinct – 11.30am

Carrara Health Centre – 12.15pm

Varsity Lakes Day Hospital – 1pm

Robina Hospital – 1.45pm

Robina Health Precinct – 2.15pm

Palm Beach Community Health Centre – 3.00pm


For more information about ‘Superfood for Superheroes’ please contact Emma Tawse on 0423 499 710 or via email at


An initiative powered by Superannuation Advice Australia‘s Community Fund and proudly supported by Wine & Dine’m.